Websites for Schools

What we Offer
Hassle Free Service
Here at iSCHOOLS we like to keep it really simple for you. We do the thinking and planning and build your site from your prospectus, add the pics and docs you send us. We do this in 24-48 hours then set to and tweek it with you till you love it ! Online within the week.
Great Working Relationship
iSCHOOL is a small company. We have a great working relationship with our schools - you know us by first name and we know you by first name. We're an email away - if you have the maintenance contract then we are looking after your site completely for you. You flick us an email if you want something added, changed, removed and we're on to it straight away.

Check out our new 2013 Website Template here !


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Self Care Sites - NO Ongoing Costs !
User Friendly Websites
Our self care websites are quick to load, easy to use websites. We build the sites with update zones on the site that can be accessed through the Google platforms, meaning no ongoing costs. Hosting Optional
Customised Sites
Our templates are designed to suit primary, intermediate or college websites. They will be customised to reflect your school's character, colours and school type.
Update Portals
We embed the Google platforms into the self care websites so that schools update their calendar, Doc Station and Picassa Gallery. We will also set up Twitter so that schools can Tweet urgent messages to the home page.
One Off Cost !
Pay only for the site construction - update through Google and Google is free ! Check the site templates below for examples of how these sites work.

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Sites with a Maintenance Contract
Site Construction
iSCHOOLS will build you a easy to use, quick to load, bright and professional website that reflects your school's character, school colours and level. We have templates for primary, intermediate schools and colleges. It's an easy build with us able to build with just a prospectus and your charter - it couldn't be easier to 'get off the ground' .. we can have you online within the week. Hosting optional.
Ongoing Maintenance
Our ongoing maintenance arrangement for $150.00 per month sees us looking after your site for you. All you need to do is flick us an email and we'll completely take care of your site and ensure that it is always current and your school community is kept up to date.

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Quick and Easy Turn around
We can build your new website within the week and all we need is your School Prospectus / Information Book, some high resolution photos and your Charter to build the prototype that we will work from to finish with you. It's never been easy. You send us your docs and we'll be back to you in a day or two with the link to your new online look. We'll tweak it with you - you don't pay until you are completely happy with the final result.
Relevant Guidance and Advice
We have education expertise on our team. We have a really good idea what should be on your site and can advise you to do or not to do certain things. We can get your website up and running with you just emailing us the docs we need to build. It's never been easy.
We can look after it or you can !
Our point of difference is that we can build your school website and then look after it for you for a monthly fee. This fee is less than you can release a teacher to do the updates. Leave all the work to us OR you can sign up for our new Self Care Packages where we build the site that you can update, at no cost, through the Google platforms. It's revolutionary and simple with a 'one off cost' only.

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