about us

iSCHOOLS Limited

iSCHOOLS Limited is a newly formed company that seeks to provide premium services to schools under the banner of 'Keeping Schools Connected ...'

Our main service to schools is the building of websites and ensuring the building of the site and the maintaining of it is as hassle free as possible for schools.

We also offer consultancy services to schools especially in the area of raising Maori student achievement - we offer support in this NAG #1 (e) requirement by way of board training and helping to broker a partnership with the Maori school community and local iwi as well as offering training for staff around best practice teaching for Maori learners and cultural supervision.

Our point of difference in iSCHOOLS Limited is our experience in schools. Karen Hill is the Managing Director of iSCHOOLS Limited and brings her expertise in teaching and school management to the business along with her many years of experience working with Maori communities and the partnerships with schools.

Karen's experience in schools means that building your school website can be done from a school prospectus and a charter - Karen can filter through what is and isn't relevant and work with you to ensure your website reflects the school exactly as you want it to do.

We here at iSCHOOLS Limited look forward to working with you.

We are committed to keeping you connected with your school community.